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SEQUOIA is more than a luxurious lodge offering unparalleled experiences. SEQUOIA is the story of this region, its nature, and produce. Wherever you look and go, discover the land and its people, connect with the earth beneath your feet and find joy in the beauty of being.

Sequoia Experiences

Life is exciting

Surrounded by nature, overlooking Piccadilly Valley, SEQUOIA is calm and filled with wonder. Find yourself free from distractions, and discover what life is all about as you embark on a sensual, soul-enriching adventure full of indulgence, connection, and luxury.

Once you have left daily life behind, embark on several once-in-a-lifetime adventures that are truly unique to this region and cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Click below to discover more.

SEQUOIA Luxury Lodge

Where life stops and living begins

Life is different behind SEQUOIA’s gates. Notice how time slows down as you enter, how your focus changes in view of the massive 150-year-old Sequoia tree right in the lodge’s centre.

Every suite brings the outside in with local materials in earthy tones, uninterrupted views over the valley, and wallabies roaming outside your balcony.

Enjoy this world where your wishes are being looked after even before you think of them. Find out more below about the lodge and all of its inclusions.