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A Guide to the Luxury You Can Experience in the Adelaide Hills

Home to rolling hills, breathtaking scenery, and a selection of South Australia’s greatest food and wine, Adelaide Hills offers an undeniably blissful escape that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. Thanks to beautiful displays of nature all year round, from the colorful autumn leaves to the flourishing spring blooms, your experience is sure to be nothing short of peaceful and picturesque.

In a place like this, where there are amazing attractions awaiting you at every corner, it can be overwhelming to come up with a vacation itinerary. That’s why we’ve listed the best places to visit where you can truly appreciate the region’s natural beauty and rich history.

Consider this your own personal guide for the ultimate Adelaide Hills experience.

1.   Watch Magic Happen at Jurlique Farm

A world-famous skincare brand, Jurlique grows their powerful botanicals in the Adelaide Hills countryside, surrounded by pure, unpolluted air and nutrient-rich soil. This biodynamic brand is dedicated to using only organic ingredients and methods to produce their beloved products.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or simply a beauty aficionado, you ought to take this opportunity to discover the workings behind the company. Immerse yourself in an exclusive Jurlique Farm tour, where you can visit the stunning display garden, observe the seed propagation area, and even watch the incredible beekeepers in action.

After your trip around the farm, feel free to stop by the in-house boutique, where you can stock up on all your favorite skincare necessities.

2.   Wine and Dine at the Penfolds Magill Estate

Nestled in the foothills of Adelaide, the Penfolds Magill Estate is an integral part of Australian wine history. The beautiful architecture of its famous Cellar Door overlooks the vineyards, offering guests a magnificent view of the scenery, coupled with exclusive wine tasting tours. Bask in the vivid spirit of the site by uncovering the exciting historic tales of the underground tunnels.

Aside from housing back-vintage wines and private tasting rooms, it is also home to the ever famous and prized wine Grange collection, belonging to the former Chief Winemaker Max Schubert. With experimental 1951 bottles to the current 2016 vintage, it’s no doubt a rare and valuable collection that’s a sight to behold.

Every day, a new curated selection of wine tastings is available. If you wish to have a tailored tasting experience, it can be accommodated at your request. You may also opt to dine on fine South Australian produce in their award-winning restaurant on site.

3.   Take a Trip Back in Time at The Cedars

Image Credit: Visit Adelaide Hills

Lovers of fine art will have a grand time at The Cedars. Now primarily operating as a museum and gallery, this vast country property was once home to iconic landscape painter and early conservationist Sir Hans Heysen and his family. Not only did he masterfully bring Australian landscapes to life in his famous paintings, but he also passionately fought for the preservation of the natural environment, which helped to prevent many of the great trees around Hahndorf from being cut down.

Many of the family’s captivating artworks are displayed in the original furnished home, which over the years has been a regular host to royal visitors and stars from film, ballet, and opera. For anyone who’s interested in art history, environmentalism, and the history of conservation in Australia, this guided tour of the house has everything that you’re looking for.

The interior of the house will hardly feel like a museum tour. Everything has remained from Hans’ own personal garden, to his art studio surrounded by materials, sketches, and other historical artefacts. Stepping into this area feels like taking a quick passage back in time; you’ll feel as if Sir Hans himself had just simply stepped out for a break.

4.   Connect With Nature at the Cleland Conservation Park

One of South Australia’s most popular walking trails, Cleland Conservation Park, famously conserves a significant area of bushland in Adelaide Hills. It is a fantastic spot for avid hikers and cyclists, as it comprises several trails that traverse from Waterfall Gully to Mt. Lofty Summit. Throughout every second of your experience, you get a taste of the site’s cultural heritage, as well as its never-ending spectacular views.

You can also take a trip to the Wildlife Park, where over 130 species of native wildlife roam freely, and yes, you are allowed to interact with them! In fact, it’s one of the only places in the world where you can hug a koala, and it may even be your only opportunity to feed a friendly kangaroo!

Cleland offers visitors many memorable opportunities for a spectacular trip; aside from their famous walking trails, they also house a licensed café and souvenir shop. If you’re looking to unplug, breathe, and simply take in the wondrous nature of Adelaide Hills, you can’t go past a visit to Cleland Conservation Park.

5.   Unwind at the SEQUOIA Lodge

After your days of adventure and exploration you’ll need somewhere you can retreat to. Thankfully, the luxurious and tranquil SEQUOIA Lodge awaits you in the highlands of the Adelaide Hills.

Surrounded by breathtaking displays of nature, all fourteen SEQUOIA suites offer guests surreal views of the Piccadilly Valley. Each suite also offers multiple vantage points to take in these vistas, from the freestanding luxuriously oversized bathtub to the daybed on your private verandah.

Inside the lodge itself, you will find a private club lounge area, complete with a sundeck and plunge pool for total relaxation. There’s also a campfire amphitheatre, a tennis court, a Jurlique approved day spa, and even a wildlife enclosure.

With stunning landscapes at every corner, exquisite food and wine, and endless opportunities for well-deserved indulgences, SEQUOIA is a place where you can truly sit back and unwind. There are even many fantastic activities that will bring you one step closer to reaching true nirvana, including sunrise private practise yoga, nature walks, intimate wine sessions, star gazing, and relaxing luxury drives.


Adelaide Hills celebrates the natural beauty of the outdoors, as is evident by their wondrous landscapes and vast wildlife. It’s more than just a weekend trip, it’s a spiritual experience wherein you remove yourself from the ordinary and connect intimately with the world all around you.

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