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Sequoia's Philosophy

The way life was meant to feel

The Sequoia Feel

Nurtured by nature

The SEQUOIA journey revolves around the human senses and our innate desire to connect. Connect with ourselves, socialise with others, and seek comfort in the moment. SEQUOIA’s sense of place gives you room to do exactly that while drawing in from mother nature.

SEQUOIA is more than a hotel. It is a journey you embark on. One that detangles your thoughts, decompresses your soul, and lets you unwind. And as you become one with the experience of life feel your heart and soul fill up with joy.

The lodge and its offering were born out of a passion for this region, a desire to celebrate life, and an aspiration to share what we believe. Everything we do revolves around the concept of the delight of being and living in the moment. And as we share our world we hope to connect with you and you with life.

Media & Public Relations

The more we share the more we have.

SEQUOIA has not gone unnoticed and it is exciting to share this story with the world. If you would like to have access to our media library or require more in-depth information about SEQUOIA and its experiences, please contact the marketing team below.