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Sequoia is more than a luxurious lodge offering unparalleled experiences. Sequoia is the story of this region, its nature, and produce. Wherever you look and go, discover the land and its people, connect with the earth beneath your feet and find joy in the beauty of being.

Due to the nature of its exclusive experience offerings, Sequoia Lodge, only accommodates guests over the age of 18 years. Find out more about our packages here.

Sequoia Experiences

Life is exciting

While being seemingly removed from the hustle and bustle of the world, Sequoia sits on the side of Mount Lofty, high above the Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills, a region currently being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status. The area’s significance centres on its working agricultural (food and wine) landscapes, historic settlements, abundant wildlife, pure environment, continuing culture and practice.

Nowhere else in the world are there four world-class wine regions found within a 50-kilometre radius. These range from the cool climate Adelaide Hills to the maritime McLaren Vale to the historic agricultural area of Langhorne Creek and the high-altitude Eden Valley. The region is not only home to the largest surviving koala population, but it is also one with extensive Indigenous history. It is no wonder South Australians have kept the Adelaide Hills a secret for so long!

Wellness from the inside out

Sometimes a break from reality helps to reset, allows returning to oneself and to what is truly important. At Sequoia it is easy to slow down and to take in the moment. Retreat to your suite’s sun terrace with a good book, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Book an organic facial or rejuvenating massage at the onsite day spa, go for a splash in the panoramic infinity pool, or relax in artesian spring-fed hot pools feed by the mountain’s natural springs. There is no doubt that you will resurface from your Sequoia time-out refreshed and with a full heart.

Nature Experience and Adventure

Sequoia is embedded in an incredible natural setting that offers comfortable walks, challenging hikes, untouched national parks, hidden creeks, white sandy beaches, and vast plains. South Australia is also home to the world’s largest koala population, and is one of only two states where you are allowed to hang in for a cuddle. The lodge organises private encounters with these endangered animals, is home for several rescue kangaroos and wallabies (yes, you can feed and pet them), and hosts guided tours along the Heysen Trail, Botanic Garden, and the Mount Lofty Trail.

World-Class Wining & Dining

Only recently Adelaide was declared one of the world’s TOP 10 wine capitals with Sequoia being the gateway to its four most famous regions: located in the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Langhorn Creek and Eden Valley are all accessible within an hour’s drive through the picturesque hinterland. With longstanding relationships between Sequoia and some of the world’s most famous wineries, be sure to connect and listen to the vignerons themselves while savouring local artisan produce. And as night falls, prepare for one of the best dining experiences of your life, at the onsite Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant

Land Connection and Dreamtime

Connect not only with the land but with its people and history at an unprecedented level. Listen to Aboriginal elders as they tell you about their beliefs and Mount Lofty’s meaning to them. Meet the people behind the scenes of some of the world’s most successful brands and discover more about them, their passions, and stories. And as you surrender to the experience and the sense of place, get to know the people around you. There is hardly anything better than sitting by the campfire, connecting with each other while making memories for life.

SEQUOIA Luxury Lodge

Where life stops and living begins

Life is different behind Sequoia’s gates. Notice how time slows down as you enter, how your focus changes in view of the massive 150-year-old Sequoia tree right in the lodge’s centre.

Every suite brings the outside in with local materials in earthy tones, uninterrupted views over the valley, and wallabies roaming outside your balcony.

Enjoy this world where your wishes are being looked after even before you think of them. Find out more below about the lodge and all of its inclusions.

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